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If you love to travel but worry about the expense, then perhaps it's time to consider gently used motorhomes for travel on a budget. Gently used RVs can be any type (Class A, Class C or Class B), but have been used only occasionally in traveling by the previous owner. A gently used motorhome has likely been well cared for, but you can still get a great bargain because it's used. Browse motorhomes for sale by owner online or in the local paper. Check on RV storage, RV loan rates and RV insurance to make sure it all fits in your budget.

Buying A Used Motorhome

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Buying a used motorhome can be both exciting and exhausting. You might go from one RV dealer to the next, looking for the perfect motorhome! The best way to get started in your RV shopping experience is to do research beforehand. Find several dealers in your area and contact them with a list of questions about RV loan rates, the average condition of their used motorhomes, etc. Ask if they carry all classes-used Class A motorhomes, used Class C motorhomes and Class B motorhomes. Learn which features come with each type so you'll know what to look for when visiting a retail outlet. When you research beforehand, you won't feel so overwhelmed while shopping. You'll know exactly what you need and which questions to ask when buying a used motorhome.

Locate Area Motorhome Insurance Offices & Agents

Whether you want to rent or buy a motorhome, this site makes it easy to locate area motorhome dealers offering insurance directly or providing references for local insurance offices and agents. Depending on the RV dealer, you might need RV insurance for a rental or purchase. This site provides resources, maps and quick directories so you can easily get to information about local RV insurance providers. Agents can give you a free RV insurance quote so you can find the best rates. Keep in mind that rates will likely differ with a used motorhome and a new motorhome. So check rates for both. If you decide to simply hire a motorhome instead of buy one, the RV dealer might provide an add-on option for rental insurance, or it might be included in the rental agreement already. Ask plenty of questions before renting or buying an RV and read your agreement completely before signing. Calculate your budget based on rental fees or loan payments, insurance costs, upkeep, storage and fuel. Traveling in a motorhome can be fun for the whole family, but you'll want make sure there will be a little money left for the actual vacation! RV insurance agents in your area can help you find the best deals around while still getting an RV to meet your expectations.

Motorhome Living

Use the state list below to contact a used motorhome resource location by first selecting the state. This will take you to a page where you have the option to select a quadrant of the state where used motorhome agents are listed by city. There you can quickly find locations and contact information.


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RV Insurance - Finding The Best Rates

When buying a motorhome, don't forget to calculate yearly RV insurance. Finding the best rates can be difficult when trying to decide between a new and used motorhome. Insurance will be calculated based on the condition of the motorhome, mileage, your driving history, age, credit history, etc. If you have to finance it, insurance will be much higher. Check online for RV insurance resources and get a quote from each provider. You'll be surprised at the range of rates given! Make sure the motorhome insurance rate will fit into your budget along with loan payments, maintenance and fuel costs, and the usual travel expenses. Finding the best rates on RV insurance is a cinch once you know how to compare.

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